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Hear Clearly Now

Listening training with your new device will speed up the time it takes to map new sounds to language.  

20 minutes/day for 10 days

Adults improved 4.8% and kids improved 9.2% on an external perception test

Showed Improvement

Daily Listening Practice Matters

A study conducted under NIH grant R44DC009515-03 shows that targeted auditory practice with a mobile application can improve speech-sound perception skills.



The speech perception of 12 adults and 12 kids with profound hearing loss were tested using the Word Association for Syllable Perception. (Kotch, May 1999)


Minimal Pair Discrimination

The same 24 people worked with the syllable discrimination app for 20 minutes a day for 10 days over a two-week period.


Significant results

At the end of two weeks, the participants took the external test again.  For both adults and kids, 85% working with the app improved their speech perception. There was a strong relationship between the amount of time the app was used and the degree of improvement.

Three years ago, I experienced sudden hearing loss and became a cochlear implant candidate. As a Teacher of the Deaf, I understood how important auditory rehabilitation was for cochlear implant recipients and I committed to doing a little bit each day. In the beginning, I had roommates that would do exercises with me, but then I moved across the country and began living by myself. I looked for some apps, but nothing really stuck. When I learned about Speech ID earlier this summer, I was immediately hooked. I loved how I could download it on my phone and do the exercises when I had a free moment in the car or waiting at a doctor’s office.


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