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One in five has loss so severe that communication can be difficult


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  • DOES MY LOVED ONE HAVE A HARD TIME HEARING WHAT ME AND MY KIDS ARE SAYING?  People with hearing loss miss out on incidental language.  They hear speech babble, but have a hard time differentiating words. 
  • DO THEY AVOID CERTAIN EVENTS AND ENVIRONMENTS BECAUSE IT IS TOO NOISY? Hearing speech in noise is very challenging for people with hearing loss. Speech sounds get camouflaged by background noises and reverberation in the environment.
  • ARE THEY CHOOSING TO STAY HOME AND SEEM MORE ISOLATED? Instead of feeling isolated in public places because they cannot hear well, people with hearing loss often chose to stay home at the expense of missing out on the events and socialization they used to enjoy. 

Follow the steps below to find out easily and quickly if your loved one can hear all the sounds of speech or get a reminder to do it at a more convenient time.

  1. DOWNLOAD THE APP - Speech ID is a speech sound and listening practice app.  It includes two free speech detection and identification tests and tracks your results.  Get it now!
  2. TAKE THE FREE SPEECH DETECTION TEST - The tests cost nothing and take less than five minutes.  Take the tests multiple times to track hearing changes.  Share your results with a specialist.
  3. LEARN MORE ABOUT HEARING LOSS RESOURCES OR GET A REMINDER - Get an email reminder with a link to get the app at a more convenient time, or learn more about hearing loss and how to talk to your loved one about their hearingSign up now!

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