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Three years ago, I experienced sudden hearing loss and became a cochlear implant candidate. As a Teacher of the Deaf, I understood how important auditory rehabilitation was for cochlear implant recipients and I committed to doing a little bit each day. In the beginning, I had roommates that would do exercises with me, but then I moved across the country and began living by myself. I looked for some apps, but nothing really stuck. When I learned about Speech ID earlier this summer, I was immediately hooked. I loved how I could download it on my phone and do the exercises when I had a free moment in the car or waiting at a doctor’s office.


The Speech ID app by Auditory IQ has been instrumental in helping me practice discerning the subtle differences in consonants. Before implantation, I wasn’t able to hear the difference between “ice and mice” or “eat and cheer.” I relied heavily on context for comprehension.


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Speech ID uses machine learning and speech science to adapt your training just for you.

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Speech ID has been shown to help users improve their hearing faster.

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